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African trading is built on one system of commerce – a center for buying and selling. Aguleri.com is Africa’s B2B centre for business, exporting her resources and products to the world. At Aguleri.com we don’t just make it a virtual world but a marketplace for exceptional customer service and experience like in the physical space.



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We are Aguleri

Aguleri.com is the place where buyers and sellers converge to do business from any part of the world and remain satisfied. When you think of the safest form of E-commerce Aguleri.com will become your first word


Why we different

Unlike other E-commerce platforms that focused the volume of people, Aguleri.com is focused on customer experience which is the most important aspect that ensures repeat business on the platform. 

We see our sellers as part of our business family and ensure that they remain in business hence we give them the necessary support to keep their business and lives running smooth.

Customer Service and Experience3

Aguleri.com believes in business relationships and so makes Customer Service and Experience her culture. Both sellers and buyers trust Aguleri.com to deliver and handle all issues professionally. Our platform is user-friendly and allows users to browse through faster than you will expect.

Support Structure

Our technical and support team are quick to respond to any interruption with our site and resolve any concern with the shortest possible time. User accounts login issues (if any) or reported to us in time is quickly sorted out. All hands are always on deck.

Fast Delivery

When it comes to delivery, we try to get our items delivered before the expected date. Our delivery unit employs the use of modern technology for vehicular movement to ensure that we deliver to you at the arranged and agreed time.


Our site runs and operates on the latest software and can accommodate so many products. The upload time is faster than the speed of light and saves your data. With one click, you will enjoy browsing on our platform.

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