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All controversies, claims or complaints arising out of or with respect to the terms and conditions as stipulated on this platform will be referred to a private and confidential binding arbitration handled by a professional arbitrator as certified by the law of the respective country of operation.

The arbitrator is someone who is legally trained and understands Information Technology and has no links with both parties.

In the cases of Quality assessments or Inconsistent Descriptions, will apply the following terms:

  1. Where the Buyer claims that the quality problem and inconsistency in description of the products delivered are identifiable with naked eyes, the Buyer shall first provide photos, videos, or other evidence approved by to prove it. The Seller shall then provide evidence and reasonable explanations establishing that the products do not have quality problems or Inconsistent Descriptions or the reasons for such issues are not attributable to the Seller. If the Seller fails to submit the valid evidence within the specified time limit, shall determine that the products have quality problems or Inconsistent Descriptions.
  2. Where the evidence provided by the Seller and the Buyer cannot establish whether the products have quality problems com has the right to designate a qualified third-party testing or appraisal agency to conduct testing and appraisal, and the results of the said testing or appraisal shall be treated as the basis for identification.
  3. Where the products delivered by the Seller have quality problems or Inconsistent Descriptions, shall support Returning of Products and Refund to the Buyer. If the products cannot be returned due to its nature, the objective conditions, or the restrictions under local laws and regulations, shall support Refund, and the Seller shall contact the Buyer on its own in order to handle products.

Termination has the exclusive rights to terminate the dispute resolution process when any of the following circumstances arises during the dispute resolution process:

  1. The party applying for dispute resolution requests for withdrawal of the application;
  2. The arbitration institution that has jurisdiction over the dispute involved has rendered an award;
  3. Both Buyer and Seller agree to resolve the dispute through consultation;
  4. Either party violates other rules of
  5. Either party submits fake or not veritable evidences that violates the applicable laws and regulation;
  6. In a case of transactions involving declined credit –card payment transactions, buyer will apply to the card issuer for charge backs while applying to for dispute resolution.

Supplementary Provisions has the right to amend these rules from to time to time as well and the amendments will take effect upon expiration of the public announcement.

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