1. What is aguleri.com?

www.aguleri.com is a leading B2B e-commerce website. It is an online retail that enables anyone from anywhere around the world to purchase different items/products directly from manufacturers.

3. If a damaged or wrong item is sent to me, can I return it?

Yes, you can return any damaged or wrong items sent to you with a period of 7 days. Aguleri.com has a flexible Return policy. Please read it.

5. Can I get a refund for items returned?

Aguleri.com has a flexible refund policy. Kindly read through it and understand how it works.

7. Why do I need to register before I can order?

Registration helps to serve you better. Registered users can have access to certain features that will make your order arrive safely. Information and promotional messages on what interests you can easily communicated to you.

9. How does Aguleri.com protect me from substandard or fake goods?

Aguleri.com has a strict policy on substandard goods. Any seller caught or reported to upload or sell counterfeit goods is banned from doing business with Aguleri.com. All products undergo our Authentic Product Inspection Process.

11. How can I cancel an order?

To cancel an order, you can either contact our service support center via an email with a request to cancel the order so that the shipping (if already done) can be stopped OR you can reject the item when it is delivered to you or ignore any contacts regarding the pick-up and delivery schedule.

2. How do I identify and avoid falling into the hands of fraudsters?

Aguleri.com takes various actions to verify that we have genuine sellers on our platform. We do not encourage buyers to pay directly to sellers account. There are two ways you can avoid this: • Prepay before Order – Buyers can pay to Aguleri.com’s account so that we can hold your money for you until you receive the order; or • Pay on Delivery – You can pay on delivery after you have checked your order. On no account should you pay to the seller’s account and if any seller suggests such, please endeavor to report that seller for disciplinary actions through our complaints email.

4. How do I know which sellers to trust?

Aguleri.com has several authentication and verification processes that we employ to verify our sellers to ensure a safe environment for business to work efficiently. All our sellers must pass through this process and we monitor their conduct all the time. If you suspect any inappropriate behavior of any of our sellers, kindly notify us to take the appropriate steps.

6. Is my product under warranty?

Every product listing has the warranty displayed on it. Check the warranty policy on the listed product page.

8. I bought an item on promotion, how much will I be refunded if it was returned?

The exact amount paid at the time of the promotion and not the current value of the product.

10. Are there any hidden charges?

Aguleri.com operates a transparency business with no extra taxes, hidden costs or additional dispatch charges. All taxes and costs have included in the displayed prices. What you see on the listing page is what you will pay.

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