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How and Who can Signup as Vendor

At, we make things easier for you to become a part of our business family.  Inasmuch as we bring you in we also have a strict policy on who can sign up as a vendor.’s Vendor Policy

The eligibility age for the use of is 18 years. Minors are not allowed to register or make use of the site unless under the supervision of a parent or an adult. Unauthorized use of the site for any other purpose other than business is highly prohibited.

Vendors must be of age that is recognized as valid to sign contracts.

Vendor Criteria

A vendor must have a valid address for the business as well as working email and contact number.

Vendors must accept’s evaluation team to examine and evaluate the quality and authensity of their products.

Vendors must be free from any criminal charges or court cases that will affect the integrity and reputation of the company.

Vendors must be upright, honest and trustworthy. They must be reliable and should ensure that they notify the company on the availability of a product.


Registration Process

To sign up as a Vendor with involves 4 quick steps:

Step 1: Read and accept our vendor terms.

Step 2: Fill the registration form.

Step 3: Complete the online training for new Vendors and write the test associated with the training.

Step 4: List your products and starts to sell.

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