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We have a wonderful return and refund policy to ensure that we maintain and retain a good business relationship.

Return Item Category/Return Duration:

Return of an item or items can be initiated up to 7 days after delivery. Returns accepted will be:

  • You received a wrong, damaged, defective or counterfeit item
  • A change of mind with the exception of goods such as underwear, perfumes, cosmetics etc.

Items to be returned should have all seals, tags and accessories left intact and in their original packages.

Return Fees/ Return format:

Zero fees are charged for any item to be returned. To initiate a return fill, the return form and indicate reason for the return or contact us via email or call our help center. You will be contacted on the particular time, it will be collected.

Return Timelines

Every item that has been filled on the return form has a scheduled time for pick-up which will communicate to you. Always ensure that our retrieval agent signs the form as evidence that the item was returned. The signed form is what will be used to process your refund.

Return Schedule Pick ups

Only two attempts will be made to pick-up items designated for returns. Once you miss any of the two attempts, the item can no longer be returned. will ensure that several contacts will be made to you so that you do not miss the pick-up days.

Miscellaneous Provisions

Items that have exceeded 7 days can no longer be returned to The stipulated time for return starts to count from the day of delivery.

As soon as our agents’ pick-up returned items, the process for the refund will be initiated.

All free gifts must be returned along with the items you are returning.

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